InstaHOOT now support both Auto Followers and Auto Likes.

You only need to do these step once.

Login with a backup Instagram account. (Backup Account means that will be only made for InstaHOOT Internal system which will be used to gaining followers and likes.)

- Step 1, create a fresh new Instagram account with a verified email or phone number (Important).

- Step 2, setup a Profile picture, and continue to fill the rest of the informations. (Full Name | Bio | Email)

- Step 3, you need to have at least 5 Media's in your Backup Profile. (So all of the likes or followers you'll be getting will look like real)

- Step 4, Login with the details on InstaHOOT, If it says "CheckPoint" than please go back to the Instagram App and Click "It was me" to solve that issue.

- Lastly, You'll be asked for Real Instagram username (Make sure it is not private) - Once you enter the information, Your accounts photo's will be found in the Dashboard upon successful login.

Please fill out the following fields to login with your instagram backup account:

If you forgot your password you can reset it.